Newborn Information

Newborn Information


Deciding to circumcise a newborn is an emotional issue that involves more than medical factors.  Cultural, ethnic, religious, and traditional factors are part of the decision-making process. The issue remains controversial in the USA. Please weigh all factors and make the decision with care.


There are no clear medical benefits to circumcision, though potential advantages do exist. Circumcision will prevent conditions such as phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin) and accumulation of fluid and swelling around the foreskin and glands. It provides protection against later development of penile cancer and decreased risk of urinary tract infections. These potential advantages do not necessitate the procedure. Teaching/training an uncircumcised boy proper hygiene will decrease the likelihood of some of the concerns mentioned.


Dr. Underwood uses a local anesthesia (dorsal penile nerve block) for this procedure. This will reduce both pain and behavior changes in the newborn. There is a chance of complications with anesthesia, though rare. It has been used safely and effectively for many years and thousands of newborns. Please discuss any concerns with the doctor.


The procedure is considered elective. Medicaid and most private insurances do not pay for the procedure. Dr. Underwood does perform circumcisions on a self-pay basis. A discount is offered when you pay prior to delivery. Please give advance notice - prior to leaving the hospital, if you want this procedure. It is recommended that the procedure be performed in the first few days of life.


Choosing a Pediatrician


Pediatricians specialize in caring for infants and children (under 18 years of age).  Some Family Medical Physicians provide pediatric care as well.  Please call and make arrangements for your baby’s doctor by the 34th week of pregnancy.   Once you receive an acceptance letter from the physician, please provide a copy to Center For Women’s Health.

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