Center for Women's Health Guame appreciate you choosing our practice to share in your experience with this exciting addition to your life.  There are many thoughts and emotions you are experiencing at this time.  As our patient, we want to answer all questions and concerns about your pregnancy.  In this section, we have provided various forms and information sheets that can be referred to throughout your pregnancy.  Any questions concerning the forms may be directed to Dr. Underwood or her nursing staff at your next visit.

She is licensed to practice in Guam, Texas and Washington. She has privileges to provide services at Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) and Guam Surgicenter.  Dr. Underwood and her staff welcome women of all ages. From wellness advice to prenatal care to hormone therapy, they’re committed to helping women improve their overall health and lifestyle.  “I think that there’s a special bond you can have with your patients, especially being a female physician, and that’s what I really love about being an OB/GYN.  I feel like I’m really doing something for my patients; I’m making a connection,” expressed Dr. Underwood.

Dr. Teresa N. Underwood possesses the special knowledge, skills, professional capability and compassion that distinguishes her as an outstanding physician for women and makes Center For Women’s Health the choice for OB/GYN care on Guam.

Dr. Underwood provides obstetrical delivery services at

We have created the following information for your convenience.  It is an overview on how our office will work with you medically during your pregnancy.  It is meant to serve as a starting point to acclimate you to your pregnancy and our practice of obstetrics.  Obviously, there are many other learning vehicles.  There are books you can read.  There are also Childbirth Education classes to enroll.  Most of all, there is the communication between you and our healthcare team!  We are here to make this pregnancy the most wonderful experience of your life.  Tell us what we can do to help you.

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